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When you may first come across LIMES Revival Academy, you may be in a state of ‘Survival’, looking for more in life but unsure of what the next steps are. You might find yourself in high stress, emotionally drunk and being controlled by external factors often.


As you come along the journey with us, you may start to recognise, bring awareness to and commence the shedding process of the old. You may begin to understand the stages of life and where you might be in your own evolution, recognising there is always more. As you start to peel back the layers you may start to find revival in life and consciousness, find an excitement in the now and the future to come, and start to feel more capable, more in control and even limitless in the possibilities life has to offer.


Investing time and energy in the lifestyle and choices we promote will certainly have incredible results and impact in your life and the lives of those around you. As you un-become all that you thought you were or had to be and become unapologetically you in the true essence, you will DO YOU with conviction and grace. You will start to flourish and thrive as you create the life you desire, make you a priority, dance with fear, step into your power and unmask the true being that has resided within you your entire life. 

Activated Guardians Conscious Collective

Satellite Activations coming across Australia 2020.
Test Pilot launching Brisbane/Sunshine in November.


Conscious Expansion of Self Activation & Conscious Guardianship – a place to come home, be seen, be heard, be held each fortnight.

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Turn your Mother's Guilt and Loss of Identity into Understanding. Recognise why YOU MUST lead by example


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6 Month Program

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#SELFishMums @ LIMES Revival Academy

How to Explore Our Fear and Make It Healthy for Us

Living in a state of fear: of rejection, not being able to be authentic, be vulnerable, not good enough, or deserving of – we could be missing the beautiful opportunities and beautiful connections and experiences that we can share with other people. The purpose of these experiences, these emotions are not to sit in those emotions and be held back. They are there to experience and learn THROUGH.

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#SELFishMums @ LIMES Revival Academy

“I’m Doing A Good Job!”

This article is for any Mummas who are feeling desperate, helpless and unsure what the hell to do.
What I have found is that we need to go through that darkness.
We can transform and to break old conditioning we must BREAK the parts of us that are not aligned with our true being.

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Old Conditioning
#SELFishMums @ LIMES Revival Academy

Today, I’m All I Need

I have outgrown what I thought I wanted. I have spent the last month since trying to identify why I didn’t feel better in my relationship and why things were getting worse.

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