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One of the great fears we face is that despite our efforts, we will discover that we have wasted our life. This book gives you the tools to begin to change your life and start to create the life you desire today.

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Owning > Blaming

Are you being empowered by owning where you are now, or blaming where you are on what has happened in the past, and still letting that control you now?

Iceberg Effect

What lies beneath is generally not seen, but has the most impact. What is underneath? What does your behaviour say about your unconscious patterns, conditions or beliefs?

Mirror Mirror

What are you projecting outside of your consciousness to reflect back to you that which is already a part of you - good and bad.

You Said What?

Everything we say or do or experience is based on the meaning we attach to it. If we turn the meaning around, give it less 'charge', we can take back control and give it less meaning.

Where's Your Head At?

What are you focusing on? Are you focused on what you want, or what you do not want? How is this impacting your results?

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  • Are you at the effect of the past?
  • Is life happening to you, or for you?
  • Or are you at cause and being empowered in your life?

Author spotlight

Krissy is the proud founder of #SELFishMums and thought leader in 21st Century modern family thinking and being. She is incredibly passionate about transforming and inspiring change in others, (as she has done with herself, for she is always her first client) and dedicates her life to empowering others, (particularly Mummas!) to truly step into their power and own their self worth.

Krissy jewell

Only $1.99

Start changing your life for less than a chocolate bar.

  • Take back control of what has happened TO YOU
  • Gain a new understanding of your unconscious mind
  • Understand the reflections you may be noticing in people outside of yourself
  • Notice how changing your language can have a positive impact
  • Discover ways of changing your focus and increasing your results


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