And so the transition begins

Today is the first day of my new life and the last day of my last. This last month has shown me the power I have in me to show up and face my emotions and the past with pure honesty and rawness. This last month has been an absolute transition from what was to what will be, from a dream to a goal, from being held back to limitless, from self doubt to empowerment. Today I feel stronger than I’ve ever felt in my life; in myself, in my future, in my direction, in my purpose. Today I make the precise choice to not hold me back anymore, and in turn set free all my doubts, fears and past validations to open up my world to the unknown.
I accept the challenge of the next 6 months with open arms and embrace what this new journey will bring me. I am nervous but considerably excited about taking ownership of the only factor and lesson in my life I haven’t seemed to grasp completely and change. It’s time to do what is necessary to align this with the rest of my life and journey.
Thank you to the beautiful people that stand along side me with your words of encouragement, praise and determination in me; knowing that I am doing what’s best and knowing I CAN & WILL do this!