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My personal blog will take you through my highs and lows, along this journey of life. My aim is to provide insight, alternative thinking and being, and to inspire you along your own personal journey of becoming #SELFish.

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How to Explore Our Fear and Make It Healthy for Us

Living in a state of fear: of rejection, not being able to be authentic, be vulnerable, not good enough, or deserving of – we could be missing the beautiful opportunities and beautiful connections and experiences that we can share with other people. The purpose of these experiences, these emotions are not to sit in those emotions and be held back. They are there to experience and learn THROUGH.

“I’m Doing A Good Job!”

This article is for any Mummas who are feeling desperate, helpless and unsure what the hell to do.
What I have found is that we need to go through that darkness.
We can transform and to break old conditioning we must BREAK the parts of us that are not aligned with our true being.

Today, I’m All I Need

I have outgrown what I thought I wanted. I have spent the last month since trying to identify why I didn’t feel better in my relationship and why things were getting worse.

3 Stages of Change

A pheonix could not rise without there being a fire that turned to ashes?

Yet, here you are thinking life is too hard, too painful, too stressful and too concerned about change, forgetting that change is inevitable and that out of all these discomforts can be your time to shine too!

‘Teenagers Suck!’

‘Teenagers suck!’

I have caught myself saying this multiple times this week. Not with animosity or anger, but in jest, with an underlying flavour of frustration.

Confessions of an Ice Queen – Part WHAT

Have you ever looked back on the past and thought, “Gee, didn’t I F#@K that up!”?
I came across this photo yesterday morning, in my Facebook memories, posted 10 years ago.

At first my heart exploded at how beautiful and little my boy is. But then I took a closer look because I saw something I never considered to look at before. Or was not open to see.

“The only regrets you will ever have is never taking the chance. Step outside of your comfort zone.”


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