Controversial Comedy About A Mum's Life

This HOW TO guide, laced with sarcastic humour, is perfect for self-prescribing, wine indulging Mummas who love stress & being completely out of control… 

Hubby/Wifey/Partners – this is the best way you can support your wifey in her losing her sh*t and you likely not getting laid! 

24 pages

Powerful, Quick & Effective Change Tools!

A quick and jargon free guide to get you started on changing your life.

Five simple and incredibly effective tools, utilising scientifically proven NLP techniques to work with the unconscious mind and deliver results – if you do the work and take action! 

16 pages

Work through grief with a little help

Grief is such a difficult subject and something we all experience at some point. 

This book has been developed, utilising my extensive experience dealing with this, to give you some quick and helpful steps in understanding how you can start to move through one of the most difficult experiences of your life.

14 Pages

Customer reviews

Wow absolutely loved it and I'm guilty of them all... I now know what I need to do to gain back control. As the saying goes you don't realise how lost with no direction until you find direction.

Roza R

Wow Kristel, this is excellent... I love it how you have put a fun spin on it, which I think will be really engaging for Mums.

Beau C

I am so humbled to receive you grief book... Thank you for your sacred gift... Thank you for the difference you make to my life... Keep being fabulous vulnerable spiritual healer and my hero.

Helen G


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