Chase the Adventure

I wanted to share something pretty special this morning.
I came across this quote and I’m sure there are many people who could really relate to this at many times in our lives. Where we may find ourselves having to step out of the comfort and step into the uncomfortable, step out of the certain and step into the uncertainty of what COULD happen.
So I wanted to share a story with you. Some of my journey, (and you will start seeing this more in this space).
Two years ago, to this week, I started an adventure of education (and unrecognised at the time), an adventure of self discovery, into the world of NLP, TLT and Hypnosis.
Nearly a year and a half ago, I started working with a man who takes that to a whole new level, who teaches that you are always the student, even when others think you are the master, (and he really is the master!) and explores the willingness to remove all boundaries, boxes and labels, to learn, be open and evolve. A man who really walks the walk and is so respected in his field for his brilliance 💚 what better teacher to have, right? But I only know this now… That quote was really poignant at that time. I had spent a lot of money on trainings. I had really committed to this process and it was really the first time I had truly committed 100% without my fear and doubts taking over, or unconscious lack of self worth over riding. You may be able to relate.
Being referred to ‘this guy’, I was thinking, do I really want to try another coach? What if he is like so many out there? Is he going to be another that talks about all this amazing stuff and then let’s you figure it all out on your own anyway? Is it really worth spending more money on?

Let me tell you, it has absolutely been the best adventure I have been on and was absolutely the right decision I could have ever made! AND What coach or trainer do you know where he teaches you to be self sufficient in your self, in your thinking, in your evolution and in your practice, and then gives you everything he knows so you can be at maximum potential to your highest successful self, personally and professionally?
And encourages you to do the same.

So Chase the adventure! Be inspired