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Ready to break free of the notion that self care is selfish, particularly if you’re a Mother?

Are you committed to changing how you feel; how stressed you might be feeling, the guilt you might be suffocating in, the anger that might be consuming you? 

Have you had enough and want to start doing something easy to create that change to get you started?

The Challenge is only complimentary for the next 10 days! Register now.


Whoops, you missed the out this time! You can still get involved in the challenge for a crazy low price of $7! Click here: https://limesrevivalacademy.com/product/selfishmumschallenge

The six things that happen when you Make YOU a Priority & Join The Challenge

Learn to self care

Understand the importance of taking time out for yourself, to nourish, rejuvenate & reward yourself. When you are at your peak, so is everyone else.

Set healthy boundaries

Learn how to say no, take your power back & be at your best. Become responsive rather than reactive & send a message out to the world that you are worthy.

Change your mindset

Learn the importance of mindset and being at your best. Reframe, change the narrative that is running in your mind and step into your power.

Nourish your soul

Improve your energy by knowing how you can access energy outside of yourself. Get in touch with Mother Nature and allow the elements to nurture your soul.

Empower others

Lead by example. When you step into your truth, you give permission for others around you to do the same. You also set the standard for YOU.

Know you matter too!

Love & worth rely on YOU - hence why they call it SELF love & SELF worth. Discover how to develop these & lead by example - show your kids the importance of SELF.

Be Featured

Be The #YOULeader of the week

As part of the challenge, you can share your triumphs, accomplishments, ‘ah har’ moments, thoughts, feelings, pictures etc. 

Each Saturday we will be sharing the #YOULeader of the week on our socials – so make sure you get involved and stay committed!

Enter by emailing us your entry, or simply using at least one of these hashtags every time you post your challenge shares on these social platforms; 

#StepsToYou #StepsToYouChallenge


On your mark, get set, GO!

All you need to do is enter your details here and we will set you up for the challenge.

7 days of great coaching to get you started to feeling like a NEW YOU!


For 10 days only

Valued at $47

Remember to Social Share & Be Featured!

#StepsToYou #StepsToYouChallenge

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