Learn more about these incredible Earth Medicines - how they can benefit you and your family, alleviate symptoms and support your emotions? Request your FREE consult today.

Support Your Emotions*

Discover a new and natural way to support your emotions with the many essences of the Earth.

Infuse Your Water/ Cooking Naturally*

Infuse your water and/or cooking with incredible chemical free oils, with just one drop of your desired oil.

Assist with Symptoms*

These incredible Earth Medicines can assist or alleviate many physical symptoms of the body.

Eliminate Chemicals

Replace your cleaning, bathroom and/or body products with natural, chemical free home made products, with access to many DIY recipes.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Does not constitute or replace medical advice. It is recommended to confirm with your medical professional before using any oils if you are on medication or have/use any other medical devices that could be interfered with.

Discover and order some of our overstock oils available to purchase individually, without an account.

Retail $37.50



Retail $32.50


Tea Tree

Retail $35

$26.50 WS


Discover the benefits of becoming a wholesale customer!

Have your own account, gain rewards points, get access to free oils and receive a discount on all products, always!

Discounted/Free Oils

Get a great discount on all oils and access to the discounted oil of the month. Plus, get access to the free oil/s of the month.

Online Account

Full access to your account, past orders, monthly orders, add, change and view all things account related.

Awesome Rewards

Get access to an incredible rewards program that pays out a lot quicker than most rewards programs out there. Accrue your points* and get free oils fast!
*Conditions apply

Why us

Gain access to a wide range of resources, recipes & our tribe

Come together on an empowered journey of health, emotions, connection, contribution and wealth (should you chose that avenue too). Receive full support on empowering your health, supporting your emotions and any other needs you may have on your oily journey. Be involved in workshops and learn how to live a more natural, chemical free life with these beautiful Earth medicines.

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