Are you living your best life?

Are you being a conscious parent, leading by example, regulating your emotions, displaying healthy boundaries and being the best you can be; for your family, your kids & yourself?

We would love to share a gift with you to help you on your journey.

Change can be confronting... We want to help

Our books could help you start to…

Identify Behaviours

Awareness is the key in any change. First you must know before you can shift. Start to identify any outdated or sabotaging behaviour for you or others, that may not be serving you.

Shift Dynamics

Understand the dynamics of your relationships; with yourself and therefore others. Understand the dynamics of the modern day family and how this is very different from past generations.

Discover New Thinking

Understand the importance of your thoughts and language you use - internally and externally. What impact is that having and how can you change this to shift things for you, and others.

Explore New Tools

Explore easy and effective tools that you can start implementing immediately to see a shift in thinking, behaviour and therefore your life.


Wow absolutely loved it and I'm guilty of them all... I now know what I need to do to gain back control. As the saying goes you don't realise how lost with no direction until you find direction.

Roza R

Wow Kristel, this is excellent... I love it how you have put a fun spin on it, which I think will be really engaging for Mums.

Beau C

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Comedy Book About A Mums' Life

The most controversial 'CHANGE' book for Mums you've ever seen...
Sarcastic humour men and women will enjoy, with very important underlying messaging throughout.
Mum's Life

Handbook on Conscious Parenting

COMING SOON - a handbook for parents on how to be more conscious, responsive and aware of many things when raising kids today.

Quick & Easy Tools to Begin to Change Your Life

Change begins with you. Start to discover some easy and effective tools that you can implement immediately to create change now.
NLP - CHange

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