There have been many times in my life when I have questioned my faith, my abilities, my purpose, questioned my strength and how much more I needed to go through before I can live a life that is considered ‘normal’. In this last month I have considered some of these things and had my moments of ‘hating the world’ but for the first time I haven’t complained; ‘why me?’ or ‘what more do I possibly need to go through?’. I have accepted it is what it is, what I’m supposed to take away from each experience and how to keep moving forward without being too hard on myself, getting bogged down in the negative, seeing the positive and reframing my mind to focus on the new and exciting things that the future holds. I am so proud of my strength and ability to get back up, considerably quicker than ever before.
I appreciate there are always lessons in life and that every scenario is for me to grow and learn from. In the last few years I have realised I AM IRON-WOMAN who is unbreakable and solid… And after the last month realise I am stronger than I have ever been before, know what I have left to do to complete my transformation and move one step closer to changing the lives of many people.