Live like you're dying!

Life is about LIVING it. Living to laugh, to love, to make memories, to bring happiness to your life and those around you.
I do not live my life in fear, of anything, anymore. I hold on with dear life for the cRaZy adventures I’ve had and will continue to have. I dare to take more risks than others, give too easily, fall too quickly, risk it all for the chance of all forms of happiness.
We only get one shot at this life and I’m going to live every moment with no regrets. I may die tomorrow or I may go in 70 years. But I sure won’t hold back from anything that may bring me excitement, love, happiness and make my soul sing along the way, even if it might kill me, hurt me or otherwise.
I live every day for the sunshine, every moment that brings joy to my soul, because I choose to. I have had too many dark days to continue living without the sunshine. I have missed out on some beautiful things by holding on to fear and I no longer let any of that prevent me from living the best, most beautiful, fun filled, awesome, cRaZy life.
If I go out with a bang or just a fizzle, no one will ever be able to say I never loved the life I lived or held back from doing the things I loved to do, regardless of how cRaZy they may seem to others.