The most controversial 
‘CHANGE’ book for Mums you’ve ever seen…

That will have you peeing your active wear!

Have a laugh

Spit the dummy

Maybe get laid

6 Ways to Continue to Lose Your Sh_t Book Cover Compressed

This HOW TO guide is perfect for self-prescribing, wine indulging Mummas who love stress & being completely out of control…

And want to continue losing it – in 6 easy ways!

This short book will indulge all things backwards & give you the best 6 ways to help you continue to lose your sh*t:

A sarcastic look at a #mumslife:


For your kids, your partner - everyone!

No Punishment

It's illegal, so don't.

Nag Away

It is the most soothing sound and everyone responds so well.


Never Play

Life is too serious to have fun and laugh.

Be Housemates

Connection & conversation were never important in a relationship.

Never Say No

Everyone loves the YES woman!

No 'ME' Time Ever

The world does not revolve around you...

Life is more than it seems.
A message from Krissy

Hi beautiful souls, thanks for showing interest in my latest addition.

This was something completely different for me to create as I’m normally so raw, honest and serious. But I felt it was time to bring some of my dry, sarcastic, fun humour to the table and talk about a serious topic with some jest.

This book was actually written with so much love in my heart.

None of it is serious and all of it is serious.

Be open and just know you will get exactly what you need from it, as it speaks directly to your unconscious mind.

If bits, most or all of it p*sses you off, chances are your unconscious mind is talking to you that there might be something in that – pay attention as you might be getting guided on what/how to get your sanity back. 

It’s starts with deleting that old unconscious belief system that you live for your children and that any time for yourself is selfish – that’s the quickest way to be walking around emotionally drunk, reactive and not real fun to be around (unless it’s with other emotionally drunk, wine drinking Mums & then all is relatable, relevant and damn fun!). 

Get happy, healthy, with peace in your heart Mumma – you deserve it!

It’s time for us Mummas to band together, unite, support one another, have healthy relationships with ourselves, as well as others, and communication about life, our babies and how much (or little) sex we are having AND WHY!

In love and light,

Krissy Jewell

Side Effects may include but not limited to:

  • Reconsidering your life
  • Wanting to create change
  • Discover being SELF-i.s.h
  • Initial discomfort in your home
  • Considering your own needs


Not for the sensitive types.

May push back against your beliefs & conditioning.

Read at your own risk.

We do not take responsibility for any post read mayhem.

Only $2.99

Enjoy a laugh while enjoying your ‘ME time’, (likely while you’re on the toilet!)

  • Serious subjects touched on with dry, sarcastic humour
  • Take as little or as much of the underlying messaging in
  • Making light of very controversial and outdated conditioning as women and mothers


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