No more shackles. I walk free for the first time

Had an incredible session yesterday with my beautiful friend and coach and worked on the shame I have held for as long as I can remember surrounding my mother and her history.
This has been a particularly hard area for me to see how deep these issues surrounding my mum went and how many areas of my life this encompassed. But as I continue to deal with the grief surrounding her passing last year, and the resistance I’ve had to moving forward financially and professionally, noticing the anger I have surrounding me lately, projecting this and as my perception, with the help of my coach, we recognised it was the shame I have held for my mum that has been my resistance to all these things and the anger (normal stage of grief I know) for her not being here and for missing out on so much made it boil over and made my conscious mind finally become aware and understand it’s time to let go. So I did.
It is truly an incredible feeling letting go of these negative emotions that barricade our ambition and blind side our faith for whatever reason. The most beautiful feeling is having those shackles released and walking free for the first time. I am free and there is nothing holding me back. And if more stuff pops up (as is possible, as I have experienced a lot), then I too will deal with that and continue to rise above the ashes, gather strength from my successions and keep soldiering forward for all those I am destined to help now and in the future.