Nothing is ever completely lost

Ever felt as though you have lost everything?
Just remember you were born with nothing and managed to have things to loose at this age. Well done. Some people go through life and don’t have much, if anything to loose and therefore live their life this way. Particularly these days where we ‘socialise’ through ‘social media’ and seem to struggle to interact face to face. People wear this mask but struggle to open up, be real, be honest or wear their heart on their sleeve anymore. People have this fear of being hurt and therefore shut off the possibilities; ‘well if I don’t open up, I can never get hurt. And if I never get hurt, I have nothing to loose’.
But you my friend, you who today feels as though you have lost everything, I applaud you. You have lost something, maybe a lot of things, maybe it feels like everything, right now. I take my hat off to you, for allowing yourself to feel like that and to be honest with yourself (and maybe even others) that you feel like that. You have managed to open yourself up to have things to loose. It means you allowed yourself to be vulnerable, and that is a beautiful thing. It also means you have done it once, you know how to do it all over again. Nothing is ever lost permanently. Unless you give up. If you give up, if you don’t finish, then you fail and you quit on yourself. You are better than that. Get up, stand up and even if it’s one step today, and another tomorrow. Even if it’s someone helping you off your feet one day and then you stand on your own two feet the next, you can and will get back up. And you can and will get it all back, if it’s deserving of you.
But from this experience, from this loss, from this heartache, you will be a better, stronger, more educated, more compassionate person for it. And that makes it invaluable. And from your greatest loss, gives you some of the greatest rewards. Nothing is ever completely lost.