Our Story

Transforming lives with L.I.M.E.S

Being an Activated Guardian is a lifestyle, of making choices that are for you, but are essentially for the benefit of everyone around you.

This is our story.

Our story, is your story

Krissy had a clear vision when establishing LIMES in 2016, that she wanted to facilitate change and help transform the lives of others. Transform lives with L.I.M.E.S; 

Love, Inspiration, Motivation, Education and Support – all important factors to help facilitate change, in oneself and others.

Krissy’s intention is to empower beautiful souls to see the beauty that surrounds us all when we take on the ability to let go, release old negative emotions, stress and outdated conditioning easily and effortlessly, whilst having the willingness to focus on what we do have and what’s important, with deep love and gratitude.

Krissy dedicates her life to enriching the lives of everyone she meets. To leave a footprint of love and nurture, unity and higher consciousness, empowerment with limitless capabilities. To understand that everything that we see outside of ourselves, good or bad, is simply a reflection of that which is already within.

Krissy’s deep focus and attention is on families, in particular Mummas. She recognised a need to help families adjust to the modern world, and help Mummas be seen, heard and appreciated; by others, but mostly, for her to see, hear and feel these things herself.
It’s time for Mummas to know that they matter too and understand the importance of self care and ME time, without believing or thinking it is selfish of them to do so, (or without being judged and critised over this). It’s also so important for her to feel supported in taking this all important time out. (Even Medibank advertisements are promoting this at the moment!)
When we have self love and know how to self care, what message do you think this sends to our daughters? And do you think it sets the precedent for our young men to know how to love a confident, assured young woman? Let’s model healthy behaviours to create a #ButterflyEffect for generations to come.

About Krissy

Krissy is a Transformation Facilitator: Trainer, Speaker, Coach, Healer and Author. Having worked with and been trained by some of the greats in coaching, entrepreneurship, business and more: Tony Robbins, Scott Harris, Kerwin Rae, Gerry Roberts, Tad & Adriana James, Dale Beaumont and more.

Krissy is the founder of LIMES Revival Academy and guides parents to activated guardianship through conscious living, conscious parenting and self activation. 

She is a thought leader in 21st Century family dynamics and helps beautiful souls work through old paradigms, patterns and conditioning, to be more aware of our influence and the example we are leading the next generation to model.

Krissy is incredibly passionate about changing the model of how the world views self care and understanding the importance of this, particularly for Mummas. 

“As Mummas, we are the pillar for the family unit. When we can give our best and be our best, the rest of the family dynamic reflects this. Self care enables us to show up as our best each day, when we give ourselves permission to make this a priority and actually follow through with it”.

Krissy has overcome her own inner demons, growing up with domestic violence with extremely volatile parents, experiencing extreme traumas outside of this also. Where substance abuse was normal in her family, resulting in mental illnesses for many, (PTSD, Depression and Anxiety her challenges), where abandonment became her underlying cause of many of her own challenges well into adulthood.

Being a single mother by 19, Krissy had to identify and explore how to break the cycles of her childhood and the family dynamic that existed there. To teach, be and do better for her son.

She has dedicated her adult life to getting her sh*t together for herself, but most importantly for her son. She recognised she had to face her demons, take time for herself and heal her wounds, heal generational cycles to break the patterns and allow her son the freedom of choice to lead his own life, without the shackles of her mistakes and generations past.

This is how Activated Guardians was birthed.

Krissy shares how she overcame some of life’s most difficult moments, extreme traumas and how this changed the dynamics of her relationship with her son, (and others, including herself). How her son changed as a result of her softening, breaking free and regaining control of her emotions. How they both blossomed as a result of her conscious moments; to learn, grow and become empowered in her thoughts, feelings and actions.

Learn how you too can become conscious in your living and being and why it must be mandatory for you, for your child/ren and for the next generations to come.

Purpose & mission

Our purpose is to create an empowered modern day thinking for the modern day family, a 21st century living for the 21st century woman, and a family dynamic that suits today’s era – a lifestyle of choices that are for the greater benefit of everyone involved.

Bringing the ‘village’ mentality back to raising children; unity, support, non-judgement, love and collectiveness.

Empowered women, empower woman.

Our Mission is to imprint on hearts and empower lives globally. To create a #ButterflyEffect that will change generations to come.


What Is L.I.M.E.S?


Transforming lives with Love – understanding that universal love heals all.

Rather than living in fear and hurting ourselves and others out of fear, live with Love and Kindness in our hearts; for others and ourselves.

Life is beautiful when you come from this vibration.

Transforming lives with Inspiration – inspiring change in others to know that you are worthy, that YOU CAN DO IT and that the work required for change is absolutely worth it.

Inspiration is recognising in someone that which is already in yourself, harnessing that and saying I CAN, I WILL, I HAVE.

Be inspired to live rather than simply exist!



Transforming lives with Motivation – the motivation to keep going, keep facing, to keep showing up. But most of all, the paradox to surrender.

Be motivated to keep going, but surrender to the process.

Motivation is what drives you behind the scenes, your WHY, what motivates you to get out of bed, to keep perservering when the road gets tough.

Transforming lives with Education – because we don’t know what we don’t know, until we know. 

The ability to recognise and have the awareness of old conditioning, stopping the old cycle and having new tools and techniques to create a better life, for you now, not based on what others want or expect, but based on what you chose to create.



Transforming lives with Support – bringing back the mentality that it takes a village to raise a child, to support and encourage each other, raise each other up.

Be raw and vulnerable knowing you are not alone, and that you have a tribe to help get you through. 

The mentality of us vs them, unity vs segregation, love vs hate. Support will be your game changer, because you are have a tribe like never before.

Our Core Values

Our values are what drives the way we deliver our content, what we share, how we chose to be, what we expect of our students/clients, how we individually face up each day; to others and for ourselves, and the way we dedicate our own journey to creating a #ButterflyEffect.


Being empowered is about taking your power back, and enabling others to be empowered in their thoughts, actions and being too.


It takes bravery and courage to face your shadow, to face the parts of you that you have buried unconsciously. I see you. I honour you.

raw vulnerability

It’s more than being vulnerable, it’s about raw, real and open. It’s warts and all. Change and evolution can be dark and terrifying. If we all share our raw moments of truth, we are all connected in that too.


We are one, we are universal, we are love. Followed by the greatest paradox of being unique, special and the only you that lived this life. We are all connected and we live for connection.


Breaking old habits, conditioning and un-becoming all that everyone else wanted is the greatest growth game we can play. It is also the most rewarding. Lead by example.

Our Services

Holistic Healing*

With a great array of qualified modalities and with the use of Earth Medicines, we like to offer a holistic healing approach to relieve the pressures of life that may be negatively impacting on the rest of the mind, body and spirit.

Individual Coaching*

Offering one-on-one coaching in all areas of your life, particularly in mindset, performance and emotional regulation. Utilising multiple modalities, including the scientifically proven quick and effective tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Activation Programs

Offering short, medium and extended change programs for those looking for more, for less. Be kept accountable, on task, focused whilst offering new tools and techniques in the area/s of your life. A program for you to become empowered in your own abilities, activated in your life and conscious in living and parenting.

Mindset Training

Un-programming, un-becoming, reidentifying and retraining the mind, body and soul to be aligned with your true being. Discover what the mind/body connection is, identify and release what has been blocking you and how it all impacts your focus, results and life.

Family Dynamic Training

Activated Guardians is an exploration of the family dynamic of the 21st century, understanding everyone's roles, involvement and abilities. Discover new ways to communicate, engage and empower within the family dynamic, and lead by example.

Certified Trainings

Our Internationally recognised 4 certificate Practitioner and Master Practitioner trainings offer the ability to become a qualified Coach, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Time Line Therapist (r), or simply add it to your already existing qualifications and experience to improve your life, and/or the life of others.

*Does not constitute or replace medical advice. In some instances a referral from a medical professional may be required before any treatment or session.


Jewell Investments Pty Ltd trading as LIMES Revival Academy. All rights reserved.

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