Reflection on the year that was

We are drawing to the end of the year 2011 and what perfect time than now to take a look back on what was. What were you’re expectations for the year and did you achieve all that you wanted to? Was 2011 the most challenging year yet, mediocre, eventful-less or was it the most inspiring, creative, exciting year yet? If you didn’t achieve all your desired review what stood in your way, what action did you take or didn’t take and what could you have changed to make it happen?
As we start to close on what will be yet another year in our journey, have a think about some of the challenges you faced. How did you overcome them? How did they help shape you? What did you learn?
Think of some of the great moments and memories and who you shared them with. Think about the relationships you had, good and bad. What made them challenging or amazing? Did we give all we could to those relationships? Did we give extra time to people who didn’t deserve it or not spend enough time with those we hold dear? Were we the best partner, mother/father, friend, sister/brother, daughter/son that we could have been? If not, what can you change to have the best relationships in 2012.
Use the next few weeks to reflect on 2011; what lessons did you need to learn from last year, what amazing feits did you overcome and what is it that you want to take into the new year. Take this time to deal with the year that what was and make a conscious effort to leave it at the door of 2011 so as you enter the new door of 2012 you can start fresh and start to move forward.

Remember to move forward, first you must move on.