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The pressures of being a Mother can be daunting, isolating and overwhelming. 

So, we are bringing a LIVE and FREE online masterclass on how to uncover the Jewell within and understanding the price of pressure.

Because, let’s be honest – you need to feel SANE and your kids need you to be HAPPY!

uncover the jewell within

Gain your sense of

The pressures of being a Mother can be daunting, isolating and overwhelming. 

Mother’s Guilt can consume our feelings, the stress of the impact of our decisions can be debilitating and having to be everything for everyone is exhausting.

To discover the Jewell within, you must first understand the importance of the pressures we endure, how to work through them in a healthy way, and utilise them to be the best Mumma, partner and person.

This live masterclass will help show you these things and more. 

Is it time to uncover your own spark again, gain clarity and feel sane in all the chaos of being a parent, NOW? Hell yeh!


Are you a Mother, wanting to be a Mother or supporting a Mother?

Then you need all in on this!

Slay Mother's Guilt

You're doing the best you can with the resources you have

Identity Crisis No More

Get your identity back, because you're more than just a Mum!

Lead by Example

Our kids model our behaviours - what are habits are you exhibiting?

Meet Your presenter

Hey Precious Jewells, 

I’m Krissy and first I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to honour yourself and check out this page!

As a single Mother, coming from a very traumatic childhood, it has been incredibly important for me to break cycles, old conditioning and really learn to love and accept all of me, so I could be the best Mumma to my boy and lead by example!

I am incredibly passionate about sharing my experiences, real and raw Mum truths, and getting down and dirty in the family Jewells, (not those family jewels!)

I’ve absolutely turned my life around and changed things for the better, for the pair of us. I’m more conscious in my parenting, more aware of myself, thoughts and emotions. We practice constructive conversations together and encourage a safe and respectful space.

Along my journey I have recognised some great tools and techniques that have allowed me to find my sanity again, be more responsive rather than reactive and chill the f#@k out from the Mother’s Guilt that once consumed me.

My life’s purpose is to share, laugh, learn and grow collectively, to bring a tribe of empowered Mumma’s together to lead from the front and create a #ButterflyEffect for generations to come.

Are you ready to join me and uncover your family Jewell?

Krissy jewell

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join me, Live for this free masterclass.

3rd January 2020, 7:00pm AEST

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