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Change doesn’t just happen. It happens because you make it happen.

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The Time Is NOW To Create Life On Your Terms

You might think that self care is selfish, or not of great importance, or that you ‘just don’t have time for that’.

But, let me ask you…

Do you want love, to feel joy and to feel valued?

Valued by others, based on their model of the world?

Or valued by you; unwavering, committed to you, always seen, heard and on your terms?

Read that again.


Of course you want life, love and to feel valued to be on your terms.

So now is the time to join the challenge and gain access to complimentary coaching for 7 days on how to make you a priority in your own life!

Lead by example, inspire little humans around you, and set the standard for how you deserve to be treated and loved by your own standards for others to replicate.

Live and embody self love, self worth & most importantly self care.

Because you matter too!

The six things that happen when you Make YOU a Priority & Join The Challenge

Learn to self care

Understand the importance of taking time out for yourself, to nourish, rejuvenate & reward yourself. When you are at your peak, so is everyone else.

Set healthy boundaries

Learn how to say no, take your power back & be at your best. Become responsive rather than reactive & send a message out to the world that you are worthy.

Change your mindset

Learn the importance of mindset and being at your best. Reframe, change the narrative that is running in your mind and step into your power.

Nourish your soul

Improve your energy by knowing how you can access energy outside of yourself. Get in touch with Mother Nature and allow the elements to nurture your soul.

Empower others

Lead by example. When you step into your truth, you give permission for others around you to do the same. You also set the standard for YOU.

Know you matter too!

Love & worth rely on YOU - hence why they call it SELF love & SELF worth. Discover how to develop these & lead by example - show your kids the importance of SELF.

what others have had to say about krissy

Was a fantastic 8 days... It was so beautiful to witness in us both the overwhelm shift to knowing... Big Big Thankyou

Brooke B

You're amazing- you have given me inspiration to stop procrastinating, get up & move into action!

Catherine A

Would recommend to anyone. Fun and loving environment which makes one feel very safe.

Connie D

Thank you so much for your time and effort to clear me of my baggage... Your help has made my life better already. You are an angel.

Susan M

If anyone hasn't already met Krissy Jewell I highly recommend her, she is a brilliant trainer and so easy to work with!

Sarah T

7 Day Coaching -
free for the first 10 days onl
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