The most you could be is 'too good to be true'

Unfortunately this was sad to read but so true. This was me for most of my life, up until recently. Finally I have done the work and my Great Wall of China has been destroyed. On my own. And now I am capable of love. And do love the way I deserve to give and receive, and it’s beautiful.

And now this almost seems the norm in younger generations. We live in an era where we interact through social media and meet people through tinder. We make meaningless ‘love’ as a means of feeling connected and validated through an invalidated form that will ultimately make us feel worse after. People are coming from more broken homes than ever before, some cases our kids/teens and even some adults, are taking on the belief now that it is normal and relationships just don’t work like they used to. So we seem to trust less and give less as we feel like it has an expiry date. And in some cases, we just aren’t capable of giving more than we have seen, learnt, hurt or been taught to.

But I know it can be changed. I know it is so worth changing. And I know life without those limitations is incredibly rewarding, even with the risks.

Do the work beautiful people. Release your old conditioning, your old beliefs, all the negative emotions you hold on to and bring to each relationship like it’s your ex. Let it go. Be free. You’re tired of the disconnection, the searching, the failures, aren’t you? Then change it. It can be done. I’m living, walking, human cRaZy proof. And my wall was epic.

Learn to trust yourself again. More importantly, learn to love you, unconditionally.