The pain of existing and not living

When our goals are a little hazy (or not clear at all) taking time for ourselves to reflect on what has and what will be is imperative. Consider all the things you dreamt of as a child when you had no limits and didn’t know the word ‘NO’ existed. Reflect on the times when you started to think you couldn’t have or didn’t deserve what you had dreamt of; what was it that started to make you believe that those dreams were unobtainable and what is it now that still has you believing that? Is it the conditioning we have had growing up? Is it the pain of potentially failing or being hurt? What exactly does it look like for you?
So I ask this of you all to consider… As you progress through life, have a family, (or you don’t), have a career, (or be that of a wife and/or mother) and you continue to live to work as opposed to working smarter and working to live… When will the pain of not having the life of abundance, the life you were here to live, the dreams and visions you daydreamed of as a child; when will the pain of not having all of this be painful enough to make a change and start doing what is necessary to move in the right direction, to do what is necessary to live and be all that you are and should be, and start living… Not just existing.