Time to start telling my story

From a young age and for many, many years after I faced some of life’s biggest challenges and some of people’s worst nightmares… I’ve been subjected either directly or indirectly to domestic violence, drug abuse, sexual abuse, mental illness, potential murder, child pedophilia… Brainwashing, manipulation, lies and the list goes on.
When I had my son I made the decision to do what it took to break the cycle, not be a victim and protect him the best I can.
It hasn’t been an easy road but now, looking back I’m so grateful for the strength I had to do what was necessary and for my perseverance and commitment to the life and family I know we deserved.
So finally its time to tell my story. So many people are affected by things that are beyond their control, specifically from an early age… I hope my story helps them to overcome these obstacles and fears and live a more rewarding, deserving life.
I’ve always known my purpose is to take what I’ve learnt and help others see their value and live a more fulfilling life…