When all that's left is Goodbye

Today I choose to let go… As I say goodbye to you and hope your soul soars high above the heavens, I also let go and say goodbye to the anguish, the pain, the heartache and all the things that held me back in my relationships due to the absolute love I once had for you. And through that love, the most heart and soul shattering moments I allowed to impact me.
I will no longer compare another to you, I let it all go. I will see you for you today; the good, bad and the ugly. But I will also allow myself to feel that love I had for you that I have struggled to allow myself to feel again for another. Today I forgive you. Today I forgive me. Today I say sorry to those in the past who have suffered and whom I have lost due to my heartache caused a very long time ago from this love I once had and lost many times over. I will start the journey to heal this pain, openly and honestly for the first time. You were my mother. No one will ever understand the relationship we had, for that I don’t always understand myself. I loved you so fiercely and tried to protect what I didn’t understand. And as I say goodbye and try remember the good times, I will love you again. Briefly. To say goodbye for good. I hope you have found the peace you never could find on this earth. I hope you are free and have found true happiness. Fly with the angels. Until we meet again, in another place, in another time, free at last. RIP